2019 Distinguished Home Awards

Is your home distinguished? What does that even mean? Each year since 2005, the Lake Bluff History Museum has celebrated the village’s unique architectural history through its Distinguished Home Award program. In 2019, the Museum bequeathed the award to six homes representing a range of styles and stories. The awards reception took place on May 19.

The Museum first initiated the DHA award in 2005, to recognize the contributions selected homes have made to preserving the heritage, character, streetscape, and personable feel of Lake Bluff. The criteria considered in selecting winners are:

  • Heritage-culturally and/or historically significant property whose presence is considered to be crucial to the unique historic legacy of the Village of Lake Bluff;
  • Preservation-historic structure that has been continually cared for and maintained respecting the original character of the structure;
  • Restoration-historic structure that has been restored;
  • Renovation-historic structure that has been restored with additions and changes;
  • Adaptive Re-use-historic structure that has been changed from its original purpose;
  • Infill-new construction, in an historic setting, that complements the visual character of the Village and is indistinguishable as new.

For details on why these homes were chosen, please watch this video of the 2019 DHA reception. In it, Lake Bluff History Museum board member Paul Bergmann explains the unique, historically significant characteristics that lead the DHA committee to choose these six homes from a pool of 45 candidates:

The 2019 DHA recipients are:

421 Center Avenue, Lake Bluff, Andrew and Susan Krivoshik


708 Park Place, Steve and Joan Kraus


608 Ravine Avenue, Mary Clark and Brent Sadewater


601 East Center, Ann and Jeffrey Walters


526 e Scranton, Clinton and Carolyn Mitchell


339 E Scranton, Richard and Claire Concannon