Lake Bluff Early Settlers Activity Kits!

Lake Bluff History Museum is pleased to provide the Early Settlers History Activity Kit to second-grade students in the Village. The Kits are intended to give the children some “screen-free” time while teaching them of the struggles and life-styles of our early residents. We hope the children and their families enjoy some time together in completing the activities.

The Kit corresponds with the Lake Bluff Walking Tour on Early Settlers, which is available to download for free on the Lake Bluff Walking Tours app. The tour makes a fun family event on its own while reinforcing the lessons of the Pioneer Activity Kit. Click here for more information on the Walking Tours.

The Lake Bluff Library is helping reinforce the Early Settlers Kit lessons with a display of books about settlers and pioneers suitable for the age group. The Library also will help the Museum host demonstrations of crafts such as butter making and Jumping Jacks. Information about the demonstrations will be posted here. To be notified of the events, please call the Museum at 847-482-1571 or email, and we will add you to that specific mailing list.

Helpline! Children are encouraged to reach out to the Museum at to ask questions about the activities. We can respond by email or set up a time for them to visit us at the Museum to resolve any questions. We’d also love to hear their success stories or see pictures of the masterpieces! Suggestions on how to improve future kits are most welcome too!

Lastly, we will have additional Early Settlers Activity Kits available while supplies last at the Museum. If you know of a second-grader not attending Lake Bluff Elementary School, please spread the word. The Kits are also available to a limited number of siblings or friends.