Covid-19 impact topics

Topic areas of interest are many and include:

Schools and education: technology requirements, remote teaching, learning from home, screen time,
social aspects, friendships, graduations, prom

Worship: worship, services, outreach, spirituality, music

Parenting: how to monitor children while working from home yourself, family time, creativity, meals,
routines, screen time,

Survival mode, flexible marketing plans, adjustments that were made, delivery of product,
retaining/losing employees, financial challenges,

How local artists have responded, collaborated, and supported community efforts

how to get what you need, shopping in stores, ordering online, doing without, where can you
go or not?, essential businesses, wiping down purchases, “essential businesses”

Health and fitness:
access to doctors, dentists, therapists, PPE, prescription maintenance, exercise, care
for the elderly, addiction and mental health services

Social effects:
maintaining friends, Zoom calls and parties, long walks and talks, helping each other,
caring for neighbors, keeping spirits up

Local government:
How decisions were made and disseminated, public response, publicity,
coordination, delegation of responsibilities

Community efforts:
how to keep the public safe, supporting those in need, keeping spirits up,

vacation plans, planes, cars, trains, hotels, camping, vacation homes

challenges, stressors, unity, child care, time together, activities, fitness, reaching out to distant
family, communication, talking to children, home projects
Community hangouts: parks, beaches, Farmers Market, restaurants, streets, ravines, open lands,

challenges and advantages, technology requirements, wages, fairness, job security, flexibility,
creativity, change of direction

Socio/economic challenges:
healthcare, job security, home foreclosures, federal “economic impact
payments,” unemployment benefits and bonuses, availability of loan forbearance, loan default
penalties, financial losses or gains, access to technology, who is an “essential worker?”

losing loved ones due to the virus or otherwise, how to say goodbye, services, closure,
memorials, family needs

Environment and conservation:
nature, wildlife, recycling, waste, driving