Distilling History-The Great Rondout Train Robbery

Did you know the biggest train robbery in the U.S. history took place just up the road from Lake Bluff on Route 176 in Rondout? And that while the Texas outlaws who committed the crime were caught and prosecuted, $1 million in stolen loot was never recovered? As in not ever? As in it could be buried somewhere in Lake County?

Lake Bluff History Museum is hosting a presentation on the Great Rondout Train Robbery on June 12 at 7 p.m. at North Shore Distillery, exactly 100 years since the “1924 Crime of the Century” took place.

The Great Rondout Train Robbery presentation will present the story of the heist, which made national headlines, and it will also tell the tale of the notorious Newton Brothers from Texas, bandits who committed the heist of some $3 million. Later on, the brothers were the subject of social history research on early 20th century crime. This research resulted in several articles, books, and the 1998 movie The Newton Boys starring Matthew McConaughey. 

The Great Rondout Train Robbery presentation is part of Lake Bluff History Museum’s Distilling History series. Museum board member Steve Kraus will give the presentation. 

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What: Distilling History: The Great Rondout Train Robbery

When: June 12, 2024 at 7 pm

Whom: Steve Kraus, LBHM board member 

Where: North Shore Distillery, 13990 Rockland Road, Libertyville

Questions? Call 847 482-1571 or e-mail events@lakebluffhistory.org